Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
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Voluntary services - About us

The Royal Free Hospital's Voluntary Services Department (acute unit) has approximately 450 volunteers who commit a minimum of three hours a week to work in a wide range of areas. Some of our volunteers have been helping the hospital since it opened in 1974. All help to make the hospital a welcoming place for patients and visitors, and the trust values highly the time and commitment they give.

Our volunteers come from various sources and often have different reasons why they want to volunteer. We work in partnership with colleges, schools, employment projects and other local organisations, offering volunteering opportunities to people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Some students come here to gain experience to help them to decide if they wish to pursue a medical career. Others are unemployed or have recently retired. Of course, anyone over 18 can apply individually as well.

We are located on the ground floor, near the Pond Street main reception of the Royal Free Hospital. Travel guide >>

Our hours of operation are: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Direct line: 020 7830 2306
  (Answerphone out of hours)  
  Internal extension: 34093  
  Email: or  

page last reviewed: 28 August 2013